Sunny Leone's song Tumul Nache Entry Koner, Tumul Viral Video


viral video: Marriage means a lot of laughter, fun and noise. Various videos of the wedding house went viral on Netdunia. As much as those videos make us emotional, they also give us unadulterated joy.

Wedding ceremonies are now allowed with a limited number of guests after the wedding was closed for several days in Corona. At the same time, the wedding season has already started. Recently, a video of the wedding house went viral on Netdunia.

Marriage is a solemn ceremony. This year, the number of guests was controlled due to the epidemic, but the video proved that the joy did not wane. In the viral video, it is seen that the bride is taking entry in the bride's dress. Sunny Leone's super hit song 'Mere Saiya Super Star' is playing in the background. The bride enters dancing while wearing the bride's dress and sunglasses.

The video is probably from Maharashtra. This video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. This video has already been watched by more than two and a half lakh netizens. They have made various comments. Check out this viral video