Sunny or gay! The actress admitted herself


BanglaHunt Desk: Sunny Leone's popularity in Btown is increasing day by day. Not long ago, the world of blue picture went to Bollywood and he entered the hands of 'Jism Two'. Then one after another new opportunities come in his life. In addition to his career, Sunny has built a personal life. His relationship with husband Daniel Weber is unknown to anyone. He helps his wife in all matters. Say it in Sunny's own mouth. He is a family full of words, husbands, sons and daughters.
Daniel sucks at all the 'madness' of his wife. Not only that, he also joined Sunny's tandem in keeping with Suni. At the same time, the respect that Sunny has for her is very clear in her mind. However, Daniel was misunderstood for the first time. He first thought of Sunny as gay. The actress herself said this.

An interview of Sunny has recently come out. That's where he says that Daniel thought he was gay when he first saw him. In fact, Sunny Leone lived with a girlfriend in Las Vegas at the time. He met Daniel during a meeting with one of the band. Daniel thought that Sunny was gay when he saw the masculine look of Sunny's girlfriend and holding hands. However, he did not have a relationship with Daniel's friend. Then came Sunny Daniel.
After three years together, Sunny was married to Daniel. Now Sunny and Daniel spend time with three boys and girls. Sunny is also handling their duties efficiently.

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