Sunroof Cars: Sunroof cars are just a show off, India’s weather and law will spoil maths


Sunroof Cars: सनरूफ वाली कारें सिर्फ दिखावा, भारत का मौसम और कानून बिगाड़ देंगे गणित

Is Sunroof worth it in India: Buying a sunroof car in India can be quite risky. The features due to which sunroof cars are bought are not really enjoyed in India. Learn why buying a sunroof car is a waste of money.

Sunroof Car

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Panoramic Sunroof Cars: The car market in India is growing at a good rate of growth. A large number of people are buying new cars. There are a large number of car buyers who do not compromise on features and are ready to pay any price. something like that sunroof car is with. These cars are very much liked in India. Customers are also shedding money like water in the name of sunroof. However, is buying a sunroof car really a profitable deal from India’s point of view? Today we will try to know the answer of this question.

The concept of sunroof has come for western countries. Actually, the weather of regions like Europe is very cold. Car companies introduced sunroof cars to make people feel warm. The sunroof lets the sunlight enter the car directly, giving the customers a cool feeling.

Sunroof costs heavily

However, the weather of India is not like that of western countries. It is mostly hot here. Spending money on sunroof cars is not good for the Indian climate. Car companies in the country present the sunroof in a big way. Customers also get lured by the sunroof and end up spending around Rs. 50,000-80,000 more than the non-sunroof cars.

Hyundai I20 Sunroof

Sunroof car (Credit: Hyundai)

sunroof car just show off

Here you can see why sunroof cars should not be bought in India.

  1. Car Safety Risks: This is also not good for the safety of the car. People like to drive by closing the windows of the car, so that they can get rid of dust, dirt and sunlight. But if you open the sunroof, then all these three things will come inside the car. Dust and dirt can also accumulate in car parts like AC.
  2. Increase Car Temperature: The weather in India is hot and when you open the sunroof, the sunlight directly hits the car. The car starts getting hot inside.
  3. Water Leak: There is also no point in opening the sunroof for a long time. Apart from this, there is also a danger of water leaking. You cannot enjoy the sunroof when it rains, as water getting inside the car can damage the cabin.
  4. Noisy Environment: If the sunroof of the car is open then noise is sure to come. This can cause problems in driving. It is better to keep the sunroof closed to avoid noise.
  5. Traffic Challan: The biggest drawback is that you cannot really enjoy the sunroof. Taking out a body part from the sunroof will result in a challan. Yes, if someone does this then it will be a violation of traffic rules. UP Traffic Police will deduct a challan of Rs 2,000 for this crime.

Now you might think that spending money for sunroof is a loss deal. According to India, perhaps the benefit of the sunroof feature is not as big as the cost.

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