Superior Romeo Helicopter to Arrive in India Soon, American Company Releases First Picture

BanglaHunt Desk: The first picture of the El Romeo helicopter was released to the public on Indian Navy Day on Friday. Tensions in the Indian Navy escalated as soon as the picture of the MH-60 Romeo helicopter came out. American Defense Major Lockheed Martin shared a picture of this powerful Indian warship, raising tensions among all.

At present, the infiltration of Pakistani terrorists into Kashmir on the one hand, and the acquisition of Chinese land in the Ladakh border area on the other, is putting some pressure on India. However, despite pressure, the Indian government has deployed adequate troops in the border areas. At the same time, all measures have been taken to keep the border troops safe. India is constantly increasing its strength to deal with the enemy.

This multi-powered MH-60 Romeo helicopter

This time another powerful warship is coming to the Indian Navy to increase its power. The MH-70 Romeo Helicopter, built by Lockheed Martin of the American company, is capable of not only identifying enemy submarines hiding in the deep sea, but also dusting them off. At the same time, these warships are equally efficient in sea search, surveillance and even rescue operations. Which is enough to blow the enemy away.

India has signed an agreement with the United States to buy this warship

The most modern helicopter of the present time is the Romeo MH-60 helicopter. One of the great advantages of this helicopter is that it can be operated equally from cruisers, aircraft and even destroyers. India has signed an agreement with the United States to buy these war helicopters. 24 MH-60s have been agreed to be bought for about ৬ 6 billion.