Superpower America is weakening in front of the Corona virus, New York City hangs

BanglaHunt Desk: America's Times Square in New York City, which has never been in a state of zero, zero in any case. But for the Corona (COVID-19) situation, the whole of New York is now homeless. The streets of New York are now lacking. From shopping malls, markets to suburbs, underground metro stations are now empty. Corona does not want to meet another person under the influence of the virus.

In the past two weeks, the Corona virus has turned the New York Center into an American epicenter. In New York City, large numbers of people are infected with coronas. The Corona virus, which has come to a sudden end, has become rampant in New York as well as throughout the world. The entire United States, including New York, is now stunned. The worst is now in New York from September 7th.

The number of victims is now approaching one and a half million in America. And the death toll will surpass China and Italy in a few days. The third phase of the Corona virus is about to take shape for New York and the entire United States. Currently, the United States is taking several steps to prevent the outbreak of the coronary virus. Scientists have been busy preparing and testing the Corona vaccine. And in the interest of the public, lockdown status has been issued throughout America.

Before the border crossing from Mexico, many intruders entered the United States. The US government tied it up. But now people are crossing the border into the United States for fear of the Corona virus. Again, the Mexican government is now gently barring immigrants from the United States to Mexico.

The number of people infected with the coronary virus is spreading rapidly in the millions of countries. Already the number of victims has exceeded 1.5 million. But the number of coronary infections in Mexico, a country of 12 million people, is far less than about 3,000. So the Americans are fleeing to Moscow for fear of being saved. But America is not ready to deal with the Corona situation yet. They still need a lot of time to handle this horrible situation. In this situation, the enemy is seeking help from China. Michael Levitt, America's Nobel Laureate on the Corona situation, said, “Various countries in the world are now moving towards wellness. The number of new victims in China and South Korea is much lower. But the disease is still spreading to other countries. But soon the number will be reduced.

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