Surela Lockett expressed her patriotism by singing the national anthem on the eve of Independence Day


BanglaHunt Desk: Although Locket Chatterjee started acting in the first part of his life, he gradually entered politics. Like the world of acting, he has achieved great success in politics. Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP from Hooghly, has set an example by combining his unwavering will power and his love for work for the people.

Lockett's political life

Coronally, the epidemic overcame the virus, and once again turned to the path of this great struggle of life. After being elected as an MP in the 19th Lok Sabha elections, she is consolidating her political career by concentrating on the presidency of the Mahila Morcha, and even as one of the general secretaries of the Bengal BJP.

Rajiv sang the song of freedom

On the eve of Independence Day, we recently saw the ruling party minister Rajiv Banerjee record a patriotic song in tribute to the martyrs. Which has already made a great splash on social media. It has even taken place in people's minds at the same time. This time the wind was also seen in the book of the opposition.

Locket's national anthem

This time Locket Chatterjee sang about the work of the BJP party and the responsibility of the people of Bengal. Standing on the doorstep of the 64th Independence Day, he sang the national anthem, revealing new talents. His fans are also fascinated to hear the national anthem in his new look.