Surprise! The father-in-law himself was killed with the murder betel nut, know the real truth


BanglaHunt Desk: Say ‘Sajan Chale Svashural’ and ‘Gharwali Baharwali’ on the celluloid screen, it is often seen that in reality many people are getting two families. However, an amazing incident has come to light from Pune, which has surprised many.

Ajit Padman, son of Binayak Vikaji, a resident of Siddhagaon, Pune, got married for the second time despite having a first wife. And since he found out about this second marriage, his family has been quarreling all the time. Father Binayak Vikaji could feel that his son Ajit Padman had been moving away from his family since his second marriage. As a father, he could not accept it at all.

Father Binayak Vikaji then ordered two historians Mohammad Shahzad Islam alias Chhotu, Mohammad Wasim to kill his daughter-in-law to kill his daughter-in-law. But after about a month, they could not find Binayak's daughter-in-law. On the other hand, as the days go by, Binayak puts pressure on the historians. Unable to work even towards the end, he was forced to return the money.

One day while walking like this, the historians got annoyed and asked Binayak to meet him in a secluded place. In order to escape from Binayak's hands, they killed him on the spot and fled.

When the police reached the spot, they checked his phone found next to Binayak's body and got the number of two historians and saw that the last thing happened to them. The police arrested the two after seeing the call list of the phone. Although the perpetrators have confessed to their crimes, the main accused is still elusive. However, the police are continuing the search. It is learned that the police have recovered a desi cut and 9 cartridges from the criminals.