Surprise! The video of Chuluchuli pulling on the stage with the crown of the best beauty is viral

BanglaHunt Desk: Benazir’s affair with the crown of the best beauty in the Sri Lanka Beauty Contest. Mrs. Sri Lanka won the title of the best but it did not open immediately. The crown was removed by pulling it from the head demanding divorce. The scene of the incident went viral in a matter of moments through social media. Since then there has been a storm of condemnation in the book.

Last week Mrs. Sri Lanka Sundari 2021 competition was held in Sri Lanka. Only married women can take part there. Pushpika de Silver was declared the best in that competition. As usual, Caroline Jury, the best beauty of the year, put the best crown on her head. But after a while, he found out about 31-year-old Pushpika’s divorce. As soon as he got back on stage, he took the mic in his hand and said, ‘The rule of this competition is that you have to be married. Divorce will not work. So I am taking my first step.

With this, Caroline Jurie was about to remove the crown from Pushpika De Silva’s head. And he pulled the crown from the winner’s head and put it on the head of the first runner-up. Pushpika immediately came down from the stage in shame. He got injured by sticking the crown in his hair. It is learned that he had to be admitted to the hospital.

He later made a long post on Facebook, creating a stage for protests. There he claims, he is married and he is not divorced. He also said that those who are claiming that I am divorced should show me his papers. At the end he also said, ‘The one who is the real queen does not take the crown off the other’s head, but secretly puts it on her head.’

On the other hand, the video of the whole incident has gone viral on social media and the organizers have reportedly returned the crown of the best beauty in the face of pressure. Chandimal Jaisinghe, national director of Mrs Sri Lanka World, said an inquiry had been ordered into the incident.