Survey: 93.5% of Indians rely on PM Modi, govt fights hard against Corona


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Indian government has been battling the corona virus epidemic for the past one month. And the countrymen are supporting the government's efforts against this epidemic. According to a survey conducted between March 16 and April 20, all Indians are relying on the Narendra Modi Sarkar. 93.5% people of the country are satisfied with the work of Modi government against Corona.

According to the IANS-C Voters Survey, 7.6 per cent of the country's people believed in the Modi government on the first day of the lockdown. This number has since increased to 93.5%. According to the survey, as on March 31, 69.4 per cent people in the country were satisfied with the work of the Modi government. Then, on April 1, that support rose to 79.9 percent.

On the other hand, America's Global Data Intelligence (Global Data Intelligence) company Morning Consult Political Intelligence Has issued a rating. That rating is based on the ability of world leaders to work against the Corona epidemic and the people's reliance on it.

In that rating, the approval rating of the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has been placed above all the leaders of the world. In the rating, Narendra Modi is in the first place with 6 approval points. And US President Donald Trump got minus three approval ratings.

For that rating, questions were asked about all the world's leaders from January 1, 2020 to April 14, 2020. And about 448 interviews were conducted every day. On January 1, 2020, Narendra Modi's approval rating was 72. And on April 14, this rating became 6.

On January 1, Donald Trump's rating was minus 10. On April 14, it reached minus three. If you look at the rating of this company, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as a world leader in the war against Corona.