survived! The woman faced ‘death’ as ​​soon as she put her face in the water, people were shocked to see the video


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Shark Video: A woman was about to go diving in the sea when she came face to face with ‘death’ i.e. shark. She was lucky that she saw him in time and came on top of the boat, otherwise the shark would have dragged her away.

Woman faces ‘death’ as ​​soon as she puts her face in water

Image Credit source: Twitter

Shark Video: Like lions, tigers and leopards on earth dangerous animals In the same way, some such dreaded creatures live in the sea, which is better if humans do not encounter them. These include creatures like whales and sharks. Especially when it comes to sharks, they are considered to be the most dangerous of the sea. ferocious creatures It is believed that if humans get caught in whose clutches, then they do such a bad condition to him that he dies in agony. Nowadays a shark is associated with social media. video viral It is happening, after seeing which you too will get goosebumps.

Actually, a woman suddenly encountered a shark when she was about to enter the water. It was a matter of pride that she saw him in time and did not go into the water, otherwise only God would know what would have happened to her. In the video you can see that the woman is wearing a swimsuit and is preparing to dive directly into the sea from the boat. She had put her feet down in the water, but as soon as she lowered her face, she saw a shark coming towards her, after which she quickly came up. Now he had to come up that the shark opened its big mouth and reached near him and started trying to scare him.

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Watch the chilling video

This scene is really going to give goosebumps. Think for yourself if you were in the place of that woman, what would be your condition. Well, this heart-wrenching video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter with an ID named @WaterlsScary.

This video of just 12 seconds has been viewed more than 6 lakh 76 thousand times so far, while more than 12 thousand people have liked the video and given different reactions. Some are saying that ‘she was really lucky’, while some are jokingly saying that ‘she just came to hug’.

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