Susanta could not have committed suicide without the help of helpless people, claims security guard


Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput was always away from publicity. He had no godfather in Bollywood. Sushant can't commit suicide. The actor's former bodyguard is vocal in such demands.

He said Sushant always liked to keep himself out of the publicity. He took charge of the treatment of a teenager suffering from cancer in Hyderabad. Even when he went to the old age home, he tried to put a smile on the faces of the people there. But no one but Sushant's manager could know these things.

The actor's former security guard said that he was with him till January 2019. He has seen Sushant up close. The security guard claimed that such a cheerful, lively person could not commit suicide.

On the other hand, it has been found out in the recent ED interrogation that Riya used to withdraw money from the bank by forging his signature by keeping Sushant unconscious with drugs day after day. That is what Shruti said during the ED interrogation. He even agreed to be a witness against Riya.

According to media sources, former Rear manager Shruti Modi broke down during the ED's interrogation. He said that Riya used to keep Sushant unconscious with drugs for the last 3 months. Taking advantage of that unconsciousness, he would forge a large sum of money by forging the actor's signature. Shruti leaked such explosive information during the ED interrogation.

On the other hand, pictures of Sushant's PAN card and some important documents of the company have gone viral on social media. There is a claim that the new signature does not match the old signature of Sushant on the paper. All those pictures have gone viral on social media.