Sushant had a dream to set foot in Hollywood this year and all the plans were made


Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput was planning to set foot in Hollywood this year. All the plans were made. Such information has been known from the recently leaked Sushant's diary page.

Actor's sister Shweta Singh Kriti shared a few pages of her old diary on social media. It can be seen that Sushant had already planned all the plans to move to Hollywood.

Part of his plan was to improve his acting skills, improve his language skills, associate with well-known Hollywood agencies, and get acquainted with popular players. He also dreamed of earning Rs 50 crore a year. That's how he made the blueprint.

It is learned that he had thought of setting up a production house with foreign writers and directors. The actor thought of giving responsibility to his two sisters Priyanka and Megha for the legal team.

Shweta Singh Kriti wrote on social media, ‘Whose plans were all made. Who knew how to make dreams come true. Whose attitude was always so positive. My brother, you are Kurnish! 'It is clear from this information in Sushant's diary that the thought of suicide is far away, there was no sign of depression in him.

Incidentally, the actor's former security guard recently said that he was with him till January 2019. He has seen Sushant up close. The security guard claimed that such a cheerful, lively person could not commit suicide.

He added that Sushant always liked to keep himself out of the publicity. He took charge of the treatment of a teenager suffering from cancer in Hyderabad. Even when he went to the old age home, he tried to put a smile on the faces of the people there. But no one but Sushant's manager could know these things.