Sushant had planned to go to Hollywood during the shooting of 'Kedarnath', his home in Los Angeles!


Banglahant Desk: More than five months have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. But the mystery of his death has not been revealed yet. 'Kedarnath' starring Sushant and Sara Ali Khan was released on this day two years ago. Today, his close friend Bishad Dubey leaked some explosive information about the late actor.

With some unknown information about Sushant's picture Kedarnath, Bishad told him to read some books and Sushant went to shoot the picture. Two weeks later, after receiving the actor's phone call, he also left for Kedarnath. Arriving at the shooting spot Gaurikund, he met Sushant.

Bishad then said that at that time, the actor informed him about his plans to go to Hollywood in the midst of various discussions. He said that he will finish all the upcoming films he has already given and move to Hollywood in 2020.

Bishad said that Sushant even showed him the draft of his plan. In that plan, the late actor thought of building a house of his own in Ross Angels. Bishad said he wanted to return home but Sushant did not allow him to return. He also gave his jacket to his friend in the cold. Sushant could not stay alone, said Bishad.

Earlier, actor Didi Shweta Singh Kriti shared a few pages of her old diary on social media. It is seen that Sushant had already planned all the plans to move to Hollywood.

Part of his plan was to improve his acting skills, improve his language skills, get involved with famous Hollywood agencies, get acquainted with popular players. He also dreamed of earning Rs 50 crore a year. He made a blueprint like that.

It is learned that he had thought of setting up a production house with foreign writers and directors. The actor thought of giving responsibility to his two sisters Priyanka and Megha for the legal team.