Sushant's death is murder or suicide? After 4 months, the big question ended AIIMS


Sushant Singh Rajput's death On June 14, the actor's body was found hanging by his neck in his Bandra flat. At first no one could believe it. Since then, various theories have come up.

However, netizens and several Bollywood stars had said that Sushant had been killed. He cannot commit suicide. Nepotism, financial reasons and later drug addiction came up as possible reasons for that murder. At one time it is known that Sushant himself used to take drugs.

Meanwhile, the CBI was continuing its investigation. An autopsy was conducted at Cooper Hospital shortly after the actor's death on June 14. According to the report, Sushant died as a result of hanging around his neck for a long time. The autopsy team at Cooper Hospital focuses on the theory of suicide.

But not convinced by their report, the CBI again directed a team of AIIMS doctors to examine Sushant's viscera examination and autopsy report. Earlier, the Viceroy's report came to light. It is learned that no sign of poison was found in the body of the actor. At that time, the CBI did not rule out the possibility of suicide as well as murder in this case. Because there are some abnormalities in Sushant's medical report.

AIIMS alleged that the autopsy report of Sushant's body at Cooper Hospital had hidden a lot.

This time, after examining Sushant's viscera and autopsy report led by Sudhir Gupta, a team of AIIMS doctors came to the conclusion that Sushant was not killed. He committed suicide. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.