Sushant's former manager Disha Salian's death leaked big information about the actor's friend!


Banglahant Desk: Sushant Singh Rajput (sushant singh rajput) death case leaked again new information. Siddharth Pithani, a friend of the actor, gave some information about Sushant's former manager Disha Saliyan to the police. Siddharth opened his mouth about what the actor did on the day of Disha's death.
He said his sister Shweta was in Sushant's flat at the time of Disha Salian's death. As soon as she heard the news of Disha's death, Sushant started crying. Siddharth said that the actor's sister was in charge of him at that time. It is learned that Disha committed suicide by jumping from a multi-storey house.

However, Disha's family has clearly stated that there is no connection between Sushant's death and Disha's death. His mother said that Disha was Sushant's manager for a very short time. Disha's mother claims that they did not know that she was the manager of the actor. Disha never talked about Sushant at home.
According to the Bihar Police, the actor had changed about 50 SIM cards in the last few months. But not a single number among them is registered in his own name. Now the Bihar police will check the call details of those numbers.
However, it is learned that one of Sushant's phone numbers was registered in the name of his friend Siddhartha Pithani. In his words, the actor himself told him to give up a number. So he gave. It is learned that this Siddharth Pithani was at the actor's house with Sushant and Riya in the lockdown. Rear multiple pictures, video uploaded by Siddharth. But at first he refused to recognize Riya. He even remarked that he did not know who gave Sushant the medicine for depression.