Suspected Chinese national detained at Bangladesh border in Malda, sophisticated electrical device rescued

Bangla Hunt Desk: At present, India-China relations are not at all sweet. Relations between the Indian and Chinese armies have already reached a stalemate over the Galwan Valley. Instead, the Modi government has banned several Chinese apps in India. In the meantime, the situation has once again become tense in the presence of a Chinese citizen in Malda, West Bengal itself. Initially, it was known that the person’s name was Han June. Several sophisticated gazettes have already been recovered from him. And so the suspicion of BSF jawans has increased.

According to BSF sources, a Chinese man was seen wandering around the Milik area under Kaliachak police station in Malda around 6 am on Thursday. Seeing this incident, the BSF jawans became suspicious. After that he was arrested by the 159th Battalion of BSF. This area of ​​Milik is notorious for counterfeit notes, smuggling and various types of black market. The presence of this Chinese man Han in him has made the whole matter suspicious.

However, BSF sources said that after initial interrogation, it was learned that the man had actually visited Bangladesh. Several parts of this region of Malda are connected with the Bangladesh border. But there is no fence here. The man said he entered the area as soon as he saw nature. He showed his Bangladeshi passport to prove the truth of the matter. According to the BSF jawans, some inconsistencies have been caught in his words. Because of which the Chinese person will not be released so easily.

Police said many criminal activities took place in the area near the border. It is even reported that many people come and cover their bodies. And a lot of money has been recovered from this person. Doubts have increased due to which. The BSF is now investigating whether he is actually involved in any sabotage plot. It has already been reported in Kaliachak police station. However, Superintendent of Police Alok Rajoria said the matter has not been handed over to them yet. In that case, if they get the case, they will definitely investigate. However, the BSF also said that if the person’s statement is proved to be true, the BSF will help him to return to China with dignity.