Swayamvar was created, the bride was also chosen, but why is Mika Singh still a bachelor?


Mika Singh Birthday: स्वयंवर रचाया, दुल्हनिया भी चुनी, लेकिन फिर भी अभी तक क्यों कुंवारे हैं मीका सिंह?

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Mika Singh Birthday: Bollywood singer Mika Singh He is a big name in the music industry. He has sung songs for films of big stars. Today is Mika’s birthday. He was born on 10 June 1977 in Durgapur, West Bengal. Apart from songs, Mika Singh has appeared in many reality shows. Many controversies are also associated with Mika’s name. Today Mika also has properties worth crores.

But even after all this, Mika Singh is a bachelor. It is not that Mika does not want to get married. He has said many times that he is a bachelor till date because of his elder brother Daler Mehndi. He also shared an anecdote on this. Singer had told that he used to like a girl a lot. He once gave the number of his brother Daler Paji to that girl. I don’t know what Paaji said to her that the girl ended her relationship with Mika.

Although Daler Mehndi had said on these reports that he did not do any such thing. Mika is not getting married due to his personal reason. But Daler himself also wants to see Mika’s house settled. Mika Singh also started the show ‘Swayamvar – Mika Di Voti’ in between. Where he talked with many girls and also spent quality time. After seeing and understanding all the girls, her friend Akanksha Puri was entered in the show.

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Akanksha came at the last stage of the show and expressed her love for Mika. Mika also chose Akanksha as his bride, rejecting all the girls made in the show from the beginning. However, this thing was not digested by everyone. People believed that Mika was not ready to marry any girl who came in Swayamvar. That’s why Akanksha was called. Because both have not married yet and neither are seen together now.

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