Tabitagi attacks the Jamaat with a cannon in front of Babita


BanglaHunt Desk: Babita Phogat took a swipe at Swara Bhaskar when she opened her mouth against the tablighi jamaat. The Indian wrestler was recently shown to be upset with the Nizamuddin incident. He made it clear that the members of the church were responsible for the spread of Corona infection in India.

He also has to be criticized in various places. This time Swara opened the cannon for Babita's purpose. The actress raised the question in sharp language, who has been tested on all those who went to different religious ceremonies in the middle of the nine to nineteen March?
Swara also asked Babita to open her mouth about why Delhi police did not stop her from gathering at Nizamuddin. But he made some mistakes here. The information he submitted for the month of March was before the lockdown began. The crowd was assembled at Nizamuddin after the lockdown.

Babita, of course, is not a quiet woman. He said that the central government was doing its best to protect the people from the coroner's position.
In a video message, Babita also replied critically. In the video, he says, “For a while, some of my tweets have been abusing social media. Some are threatening phones. For their purposes, I am not a Jasir Wasim to be afraid of your threat. I just tweeted. “

The Twitter handle of Kangana Ranawat's sister, Rangoli Chandel, was shut down after tweeting against the Tablighi church. Similarly, there was a demand for the closure of Babita Fogat's Twitter handle. But he is still firm in his speech.

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