Take a look at the popular stars who ruined their careers by getting addicted to drugs and alcohol


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood and Drugs (drugs), The relationship between the two words is long. There are many popular stars who sat down to give up their careers due to drug addiction. Some of them have never been able to get out of the dark world of drugs. Again, many have overcome the inexhaustible pull of intoxication.

Find out about some of the popular stars who were once addicted to drugs.

Sanjay Dutt– Sanjay was completely intoxicated. He made his Bollywood debut in 1971 with the film 'Rocky'. Sanjay made his acting debut in the first film. Then several photo proposals kept coming to him. But due to his drug addiction, he lost many good pictures. Even Sanjay was supposed to act in the movie 'Hero' starring Jackie Shroff. But it did not happen because of drugs.
The actor has opened his mouth in front of the news media many times about his deadly intoxication. Once when he came to a college function and talked about drug addiction, Sanjay Dutt said that one day after his mother died, he told the attendant to give him food. Then the servant said that Sanjay had only slept for two days without eating anything. His nose and mouth were bleeding.
He was given a list of drugs during his treatment in America. The actor ticked all the names in that list. That means he took all the drugs. However, after the treatment, he made a great comeback in the film.

Yo Yo Hani Singh– Popular Bollywood rapper Hani Singh rose to the pinnacle of success in a matter of days. The singer was puzzled by that success. Hani Singh drowned in drugs and alcohol. The distance with the career continues to grow. Hani Singh also had to go to rehab to get rid of drug addiction. Now he is drug-free and is concentrating on his career again.

Fardin Khan– Fardin Khan could not make such an impact in Bollywood even though he acted in a few films. He was caught with cocaine in 2001. Although in court he was acquitted. However, since then, Fardin Khan's name has not been associated with the drug ring.

Manisha Koirala– Manisha became addicted to drugs while at the peak of her career. It is known that the actress became addicted to drugs after breaking up with her husband Samrat Behel. However, he has come out of that intoxication with the force of his mind. Cancer has also won with that.

Puja Bhat– Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Pooja Bhatt was intoxicated. Whether the picture was a hit or a flop, he always had alcohol in his hand. But Pooja said that after receiving a message from her father, she started seeing life in a different way.