Taking advantage of the lockdown, a young man entered the liquor store and consumed all the liquor! Later the police came to the rescue


Bangla Hunt Desk: All shops are closed except emergency service shops in the country due to lockdown. Even the liquor store is closed. But some people do not refrain from doing bad things even in these bad times. A similar case is coming from Hassan in Karnataka.

According to the English news media The Times of India, a young man broke into the liquor store's roof and fled the store, eating all the food.

According to the police report, a young man named Rohit is a regular customer of the shop. At the top of the shop, he jumped on the roof of the liquor store and broke the roof and entered the liquor store. There was a bottle of wine in that store. Then he decides to drink alcohol there, and after staying there overnight, he drinks.

There was a guard outside the shop, but the guard could not find the door. Then somehow the guard gets in and calls the police. When the police arrived, the young man named Rohit was drunk.

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