Taliban violence resumed in Afghanistan, India was forced to take a big decision

Bangla Hunt Desk: The situation in Afghanistan has started to deteriorate once again after the US withdrew its troops from Afghanistan. Once again, Taliban militant groups have become active. They have already occupied several new areas in Afghanistan. The Taliban regime is now in full swing, especially in several areas of northern Afghanistan. Not only that, the Taliban have seized several important bridges and roads in areas like Kandahar. Due to which all communication with the city has been cut off.

The situation has become so dire that trade embassies of various countries in Afghanistan are also on the verge of closure. Many countries have already repatriated their officers and staff. This time India is going to decide to walk the same path. India has about four trade embassies in Kabul, Kandahar and various other areas. These embassies employ about 500 staff and officials. This time, India has started thinking of repatriating all Indian nationals and workers from Afghanistan.

Because at the moment, the situation in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for all countries. India is currently spending a lot of money on educating and training Afghans in various fields. Delhi has previously sided with the Afghans in the fight against the Taliban. However, the situation is becoming increasingly dire. But even the various Taliban-occupied areas are no longer safe for Afghans.

Taliban militants have also seized several districts in Afghanistan. As a result, more than 300 Afghan policemen have virtually escaped. That is why Delhi is currently trying to bring back Indian nationals. “The situation in Afghanistan is getting worse,” the official said. And that’s why we’re discussing plans to bring back our citizens and government officials. The matter has already been discussed with various agencies in different parts of the country. ”

According to the source, the situation in different parts of Afghanistan is very bad. As a result, it is almost impossible for embassies and commercial embassies to operate. The Indian embassies in Jalalabad and Herat, Afghanistan, have already been closed. At the moment the embassies of Kandahar and Mazar-e-Sharif were somehow working. But this time India will be forced to stop.