Talking about tabloid church context, threatened gold winner Babita Fogat! He also replied in turn


Bangla Hunt Desk: Babita Phogat, who has been a threat to social media for the past few days, said, “I am not a scared man, I am always on the path to the truth.” It is to be noted that Babita Fogat did a tweet a while back, after which she was attacked on social media. Babita shared a video on Twitter, writing about Twitter, Facebook posts and Instagram that I had been threatening for the past few days. Many are abusing me, threatening to call me. Gold Medalist Bobita Fogat of the Commonwealth Games warned the people who threatened her, saying, “Open your ears and get in your head, I am not a Zaira Wasim to be intimidated by such threats.”

He said, “I am the real Babita Fogat.” I have always fought for my country, and will continue to fight. Babita said, “I have no regrets about what I tweeted, and it will not be in the future, because I wrote against only those who spread the corona virus in the country.” Babita asks on Twitter, are the Tabligh Jamaats not yet number one in the country in terms of transmission? If they had not spread the infection in such a way, lockdown would have opened in the country, and India would have lost Corona.

Babita said, those who are having trouble hearing the truth, they should open their ears. I have told the truth before, and will tell the truth. If you don't really like listening, then change your mood. It should be noted that Babita Phogat tweeted that the corona virus is the second biggest problem in India. Jamaat is still in the first place. After his tweet, controversy arose. The Twitter authorities then deleted the tweet.

He named Zaira Wasim because Zaira Wasim played his role in the riot movie. And last year Ziara bid farewell to the movie world because of religion.

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