Target Mumbai! There may be militant attacks in the air, high alert issued in the commercial city

Once again, there could be a terrorist attack in Mumbai. That is what the intelligence reports are saying. Multiple intelligence reports have claimed that a militant group was plotting a massacre in or around Dewali. At the same time they claim this attack could be in the air.

Detectives fear militant attacks, not by water or land, but by air. They said the attack was being planned with drones or something similar. Drones have already been banned in the entire commercial city for the next one month. Drones as well as micro-light aircraft, aerial missiles or paragliding are known to strike.

Mumbai has been targeted by militants more than once before. This commercial city on the shores of the Arabian Sea has witnessed multiple militant attacks. According to the intelligence report, this time there may be an attack on Diwali. So from 30 October to 26 November.

Mumbai police have already started preparations to thwart the attack. Earlier, on November 26, 2008, Lashkar-e-Taiba carried out a horrific sabotage in Mumbai. This time, the police and intelligence department are on high alert to prevent its recurrence.