Taslima Nasrin counter-attacks Imran Khan

BanglaHunt Desk: Writer Taslima Nasrin has practically washed away the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for commenting that ‘short stay of women is the cause of rape’. A recent comment by Imran Khan caused a stir everywhere, which means something like this. Writer Taslima Nasrin countered Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has blamed short-lived women for the rising number of rapes in Pakistan. In an interview with Axio ON HBO a few days ago, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “If men are not robots, women will be affected by their short stature.” It is very common sense ‘. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been criticized outside the house after his remarks.

In other words, his words mean that women’s short dress is responsible for the rape. If women walk around wearing shorts, then any man can be attracted to them. As a result, men are influenced to do such things.

After such remarks of the Pakistani Prime Minister, a ‘shirtless’ picture of his youth was posted on social media and the writer Taslima Nasreen practically washed him away. Imran Khan’s upper body was completely exposed in the film. And the author uses that picture as a tool.

Sharing the photo on Twitter, Taslima Nasrin wrote, “Girls can be upset if they see men in short dresses, if they are not robots.”