Tata Motors’ dividend box is going to open after 7 years, this is how it will be earned


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The country’s leading business house Tata Group has always been known for its such decisions. In which the public as well as the company has benefited. Whether it is the credit of bringing the country’s smallest car or it is a matter of salt in the kitchen of every house. Tata Group has kept the consumer first in mind. Now a similar decision is going to be taken by Tata Group company Tata Motors. If you also invest in the stock market, then this news is related to you. Actually Tata Motors is going to give dividend to the investors after about 7 years.

Now you must be wondering what is this dividend and how investors can benefit from it. So let us explain the whole thing to you. Actually, companies give dividend on shares to investors from time to time, if we talk about Tata Motors, this company has not declared dividend for the investors for the last 7 years.

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The board meeting of the company is on May 12.

In the last few months in the stock market, many companies have announced dividends to the investors. The board meeting of Tata Motors is going to be held on 12 May. According to media reports, the company may announce dividend to the investors in the board meeting. In fact, for the last few years, auto companies were running in losses. Especially during the Corona period, the auto sector had suffered a lot. Companies stopped paying dividends due to mounting losses

That’s why May 12 is important

Earlier in the financial year 2016, Tata Motors had announced to give dividend to the investors. Now that the company has made huge profits. Due to this, Tata Motors had declared dividend on 30 May 2016. Now after about 7 years, the company can announce dividend again. The company had performed well in the third quarter. The consolidated profit of Tata Motors in the third quarter was 3043 crores. At the same time, the sales of the company were also beyond 88 thousand crores. Now the results of the fourth quarter are going to come on May 12. In such a situation, it is expected that after the results, the company can announce dividend.

what is dividend

Dividend is a type of bonus payment that the company gives to its shareholders. Suppose you have bought shares of Tata Motors. So the company will issue a separate bonus on your shares. You can understand it more easily that when the company earns profit, it gives you some part of the profit in the form of dividend. To get dividend, you must have shares of that company.

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