Technology against corona! Nursing robots are made in India


BanglaHunt Desk: Durgapur Central Mechanical Engineering Institute in India has developed a robot to assist health workers. Nursing robot (HCRD) is automated. However, it can also be controlled from the outside.

The robot weighing 60 kg costs five lakh rupees. It is able to feed patients as well as take their samples for testing. According to the authorities, this will protect the health workers from direct infection.

Earlier, the nature of Corona's movement at the moment was not spreading among doctors and nurses. At any moment we will reach the third stage of corona infection. In this situation, a team from the Bombay Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-B) has developed a "digital stethoscope" that can hear and record heartbeats from a distance.

It is known that the data or sound received from the patient's chest can be transmitted wirelessly to the doctor using Bluetooth. As a result, doctors do not have to visit the patient, reducing the risk of corona infection.

Besides, Guwahati IIT took steps to stop Corona. They have created a device that will disinfect a huge area in just 30 seconds. It is learned that this device has been made under the direction of the government which will be able to disinfect a large part in a very short time In addition, they are thinking of creating robots to deliver food and other things to patients.