Tejasvi Surya came to Bengal and sat on the ground in Bengali style and ate rice. Viral hall video in a moment.


Bangla Hunt Desk: As promised, Tejasvi Surya set foot in Bengal last night. This is his first visit to West Bengal. The young Turk of the BJP will leave for Nabanna today with multiple issues including unemployment and democracy. This is the first major campaign of Tejaswi Surya since he became the all-India president of the BJP Youth Front. And before embarking on the campaign, he taunted the state government, saying, “Mamata is scared.”

It may be mentioned that a few hours before the BJP's Nabanna campaign, the state government decided to abruptly stop the Nabanna jump. In the name of routine sanitation, it has been decided to stop cleaning for two consecutive days on Thursday and Friday. The question of such a sudden decision before the BJP's campaign is being raised in the state political arena. Tejasvi Surya said that Mamata Banerjee was scared before the Nabanna campaign, so she ordered to stop Nabanna.

On the other hand, crowds of fans flocked to Kolkata Airport yesterday to watch the radiant sun. Soumitra Khan, MP of Bengal BJP and President of Banga BJP Youth Front was present at the airport to welcome Tejaswi Surya to Bengal. Also present were other BJP youth leaders. Leaving the airport, Tejaswi went straight to the BJP headquarters.

Dinner at the BJP office Khan Tejasvi Surya. There, along with Soumitra Khan and other leaders, he ate dinner like a Bengali on the ground. The video of Tejasvi Surya's dinner went viral on social media. This video of his has captured the attention of BJP activist supporters. Earlier too, former BJP all-India president Amit Shah was seen coming to Bengal to sit on the ground and eat.