Tensions between China and India on the Ladakh border! Dragon deployed 300 troops in 100 tents! India also took preparations


Bengali Hunt Desk: Tensions are rising in Ladakh (LADAKH) between China and India over border disputes. According to sources, China has deployed 300 troops in three places, including Pangong and Galamba river valleys in Ladakh. Since then, India has also deployed troops to counter China.

According to sources, Indian satellites have reported that China has built roads along the Indian border along the Golumba River to allow troops to travel and bring supplies. On the other hand, a meeting is being held between the officers of the 71st Brigade of Daulat Beg Aldi Sector and the officers of China.

There have been five meetings between the local army commanders of the two sides so far, but the issue has not been resolved yet. Sources said that the Chinese army has set up bases at three places in the LAC. There are 800 to 1000 troops deployed in each place.

China has set up more than 100 tents.

According to sources, the Chinese army has set up 100 tents in the last two weeks. China has also started bringing bunker machines. The Indian Army has also started construction work in two places to send a strong message to China. The Indian Army is in a much better position in these areas than China. In the past one week, there have been several reports of attacks on Indian troops by Chinese forces. Although no official announcement has been made about the incident.

Amid tensions between India and China, the army chief arrived in Ladakh

On Saturday, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund visited Narvan in Ladakh amid India-China tensions over the border dispute. Norvani was accompanied by Lieutenant General Wike Joshi, Chief of Army North Command, Harinder Singh, Chief of 14 Corps and other senior officers.

The army chief surveyed the entire area's defense readiness. A few days ago, there was a clash between the Chinese and Indian armies in the Galumba river valley in that area. Earlier, he visited Kashmir last month, citing increased incursions into Jammu and Kashmir and repeated violations of ceasefire by Pakistani troops on the border.