Terrible war situation, this time America will sell terrible weapons to Israel for $ 735

Bengali Hunt Desk: Over the past week, Israel and Palestine have become a battleground. The Palestinian militant group Hamas has been warning since the Israeli shelling of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. And then they started firing rockets directly at Israel. According to Hamas, Israel is trying to establish a colony in their country. In response, Israel also launched an air strike The conflict has been going on continuously since then. About 200 Palestinians, including 52 children, have already been killed. On the other hand, 10 people were killed in a rocket attack in Israel. The big countries of the world are worried about stopping this war. That’s when the United States decided to sell Israel sophisticated firearms worth কে 635 million. Criticism of which is now at its peak.

Earlier, the Biden government had given a message in support of Israel

The United States, of course, has already given the message of being on Israel’s side. “Israel has the right to respond when thousands of rockets are fired at their country,” President Joe Biden told a news conference at the White House. After that, of course, many countries have sided with Israel. But war is never desirable.

The US veto was thwarted by the US

Israel should declare a ceasefire with Palestine now. Personal issues should be resolved through discussion. With this in mind, India, China and other countries voted in favor of a UN ceasefire. But even there, all the steps were canceled due to the American vote. The United States has said it is trying to hold private talks with the two countries. The United States is trying to stop the war as much as the two countries. And for that reason there is no need to take any action now.

Anger is inside the Biden government

With the overall situation in mind, the decision to sell arms to Israel by US President Joe Biden has sparked outrage within the Democratic government. Earlier, Democrats were divided over their direct support for Israel. This time the anger came to the fore more directly. “We must not only condemn the rocket attacks by Hamas, we must also listen to the atrocities committed against the Palestinians by the Israeli police,” said Mark Pokনn, a member of parliament. The United States cannot allow genocide by selling arms to Israel in such a situation. ”

According to another lawmaker from the same party, “Many Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks in the past week. The building of the Associated Press, an American organization reporting on the Gaza incident, has been demolished. Without convincing Israel to call a ceasefire, the sale of smart bombs will only lead to a major genocide. “

Now everyone will keep an eye on how the Biden government handles the opposition within the party. On the other hand, of course, the role of the United States in the Gaza and Israel wars will be largely controlled.