Terrible wax statue in a museum in Brazil, watching the viral video and laughing

viral video: Viral pictures or videos often change lives. With the help of viral videos or pictures on social media, overnight popularity becomes difficult as well. Again, this video changes lives. However, the murder of Netpara was laughed out loud when a wax statue made by an artist came out recently.

Earlier, wax statues in a museum in Kolkata were shot by trolls in Netpara. But this time netizens are calling these statues a terrible industrial disaster.

The name of this artist who went viral is Arlindo Armacolo. Wax figures of various famous people of the world have found a place in this museum. But each of the wax statues evoked a terrible kind of laughter. Because you have to work hard to recognize these popular people in the statues.

Among the statues are statues of famous people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe. However, in creating it, the artist has caused so much disaster that Netpara is calling it a ‘Brazilian horror story’. According to some, the plastic surgery of these famous people was not successful. However, according to the fans of this artist, the artist has tried to portray the character of these people in the body.

Videos and pictures go viral on social media. Netpara has openly ridiculed the artist. Jokes are going on about his art work. However, the artist thinks that this is the reason why the number of tourists visiting his museum will increase.