Tesla CEO's son's weird name X7A-12, taught by Elon Musk

BanglaHunt Desk: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has named his son Badd Strange. So the speculation started all over the world. Even Twitter itself was looking for the reason behind that name. But did not have to wait long. The father himself explained the reason for naming his son.

Elon names her son the X Æ A-12 mask. And after giving this name, there was a commotion in the net world. Everyone started making memes with Elon. No one could pronounce this name. In the end, Elon dispelled all speculation.

Age 4 days in total. The father named it X-A-12 out of 'enmity'. He is reporting it with a big face again. Social media is full of memes and online jokes. He is trying to pronounce this strange name. In the end, Elon Musk, the father of the bizarre child, told him exactly how to call his son.

In an interview, SpaceX CEO Emil explained the reason for the name, as well as the pronunciation. He was asked, how to pronounce the name? Is it for now, will it be changed later? Elon said, not at all. And X-A Twelve taught the pronunciation. Then explain the meaning over the letters. Elon says he didn't name it, he named it after his girlfriend, the newborn mother, singer Grimes. X is the English letter, everyone knows. ব্যবহৃত Used in some languages, such as Danish and Norwegian. The accent will be either ash, not this. The A-12 mask is named after one of his aircraft, the Archangel 12. In other words, all in all, the pronunciation was X-Ash-A-Twelve.

Incidentally, ‘Archengel 12’ is a spy plane. Which was created for the CIA in 1960. Although the plane was not prepared to carry any weapons. It was used at that time to conduct a mission against the United States or to gather information about the mission.

Whatever the name, the mask can't put the boy's name in the school register. Although not illegal, the name is not correct, said their family lawyer David Glass. In California, a child's name has to be chosen from among the 26 letters of the English language. So it is not possible to use numbers, Roman fonts, emojis or any other symbol in the name. Although apostrophe goes like O'Connor. So if you insist on such a bizarre name, the child may not get a birth certificate.