The 1 taka canteen of Gambhir’s dream is going on in Delhi during the coronation period

Bangla Hunt Desk: Do not commit atrocities across the country. And millions of people have lost their jobs in this Corona Atimari. Migrant workers have suffered the most in Corona overcrowding. On the one hand they have lost their jobs and on the other hand they cannot go home. So they have to spend their days on the road.

And Gautam Gambhir started a canteen of one taka to provide two handfuls of food to all these poor working people. Here only one rupee is enough to feed all these people. Nowadays this canteen has gained wide popularity.

After witnessing the plight of various migrant workers in Delhi, Gautam Gambhir, a local MP and veteran Indian cricketer, first started a canteen called “John Rasoi” in Gandhinagar. After seeing the popularity of that canteen, Gambhir started another canteen in Ashoknagar. These canteens are full of food for only 1 taka. Gambhir said, “People from all walks of life irrespective of race, caste, religion will get food in this canteen.” In these canteens, all the corona protocols are being fed.