The 32-year-old co-pilot died in a plane crash before seeing the child's face


Banglahant Desk: Air India Express plane skidded off the runway at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala on its way from Dubai to Bande Bharat Mission. . It is learned that due to the runway over shooting, the plane rolled straight towards the ditch The plane had more than 164 passengers.

Co-pilot Akhilesh Sharma, 32, is on the list of dead in the crash. The Mithila resident is likely to have children with the pilot's wife. She is going to give birth to a child after only 15-20 days. But before he could see the child's face, the plane crash took Akhilesh's life.

It is learned that the festive atmosphere for the upcoming child was at Akhilesh's house. But at the moment of Akhilesh's death, that house is like a crematorium. No one in the family can accept Akhilesh's untimely death. According to family sources, his mother is seriously ill.

Akhilesh is the eldest child of the family. He has been working as a pilot since 2016. The young man was assigned to bring expatriate Indians to the Bande Bharat Mission.

Akhilesh has been working as a pilot since 2016. He got married to Megha in 2016. Their child was to be born in just a few days. According to family sources, Akhilesh's wife Megha was not informed of Akhilesh's death. He was informed that Akhilesh was injured in the plane crash. His brother-in-law arrived at the scene