The 55-year-old elephant has been blinded for begging and is undergoing treatment to regain his sight


Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole country was heated up a few days ago over the killing of elephants. The people of Kerala were outraged over the killing of a pregnant elephant. Since the incident, more attention has been paid to the care of wild animals and birds.

Elephants were brought for treatment

Wildlife conservation is also an important issue in solving many other problems of the country. Recently, a 55-year-old elephant was brought to the Churmura Elephant Conservation Center in Farah, Mathura district on Friday. The name of this elephant is Aryan. It is known that this elephant was used for begging. One of the elephant's eyes was hit by a sharp weapon.

One of the elephant's eyes has gone blind

The elephant was taken to Farah Hospital by the forest department. Doctors examined the elephant and found that his left eye was badly injured. The elephant went blind due to an eye injury. The elephant will be treated at the only elephant hospital in the country.

The treatment is going on

Dr Ilia Raja, deputy director of SOS, said the 55-year-old elephant Aryan was severely malnourished. Aryans have been suffering from various problems for a long time. Our whole team is keeping an eye on his treatment. The next few days are very important for him.

SOS CEO Kartik Satyanarayana said the elephant hospital was slowly becoming a symbol of hope for the people. Many elephant owners are contacting the forest department and bringing their elephants here for treatment.