The 70-year-old, who had been wandering around for 3 years, regained his memory and family in a lockdown.


BanglaHunt Desk: Someone's Poushmas is someone's defeat again. He is cutting the lockdown to someone in a horrible way. Happiness to someone again. Such a happy event was seen in Mysore. A lockdown has been declared in the country till May 31 due to coronavirus infection. Because of this, many people are away from family in other cities. They are all looking forward to meeting each other. Although some people are away from the family at the moment, due to this lockdown, an elderly man wandering the streets of Mysore has found the family after 3 years.

With 60-year-old Karam Singh. According to officials, Karam Singh came from his own village in Uttar Pradesh about three years ago to raise money for his son's wedding. He accidentally caught the train to Bangalore, but reached Mysore in Konom.

Being away from home, the long journey and the stress made him sick. He lost his memory. I don't remember his previous life. He used to wander the streets of Mysore. At this time he survived on the food given by the people. Now a lockdown was imposed in the country, so the local authorities issued an attempt to follow it in Mysore. At this time, Karam Singh was sitting on the street because his mind was not good. No one knew anything about them. Under such circumstances, the authorities placed him in an old age home named Nanjaraj Bahadur.

He was treated by some psychiatrists in the old age home. As a result, his memory slowly began to return. He gave the address of his family, which is in Uttar Pradesh. In this situation, Mysore City Corporation contacted his family through the police. His family began to believe that Karam Singh was dead. But when he found out that Karam Singh was alive and the officers were preparing to send him home, he was not happy. The voluntary organization is making arrangements to send Credit I Karam Singh from Mysore to UP.