The abandoned compartment of the train was transformed into a primary school, a flood of praise for the viral film

viral: There was no suitable place for teaching in the school so two abandoned railway compartments were replaced in the school with the help of the railways. Such incidents have come up recently on social media. Panchamukh Netpara in praise.

Social activist Sonal Kapoor shared the picture of the school at the moment to share it on social media. It is learned that this fancy classroom was introduced at Ashokpuran Primary School in Mysore even before the lockdown.

It is known that there was no suitable classroom in that primary school to take classes. The school authorities suddenly noticed the two abandoned rooms. The request goes to the railways. The staff at Mysore Central Workshop painted, replaced the two rooms in the classroom with lights and fans. Good toilets are also made for the students.

The school's attendance also changed with this change in the classroom. The pictures of this school went viral after being posted on social media. The netizens have filled the school authorities and the railways with loud praise.