The accused had given the victim a mobile phone. He was severely beaten by his relatives for not severing ties with him.


Bangla Hunt Desk: Exciting information is coming up on a daily basis in Hathras. On the other hand, multiple claims are coming up with this incident. After scrutinizing the victim's family and the accused's phone call report yesterday, the Uttar Pradesh police said that there was communication between the two families and 104 phone calls between the two parties in the last one year.

Although the police dismissed all the allegations, the victim's grandfather said that he had no contact with the accused. Police are conspiring against them by bringing call details to the fore and trying to put pressure on them. The victim's grandfather also said that his mobile phone was stolen and then he bought a new SIM.

On the other hand, the mother of the victim informed the police that along with the accused, when she saw her daughter on the street, she used to make obscene gestures and tickle. This time the statement of the head of the village panchayat has also come to the fore. He said the accused had gifted the victim a mobile phone. The two went to meet on the day of the incident. The village head said that when the two went to the court to meet, the victim's family saw the incident. After that, they beat their daughter in anger. Unable to bear that beating, he died of torture.

He said the accused were hanged if they were really guilty. But at least the allegation should be proved before punishing them. He said the accused and the victim should be given narco test. No one should be blamed for someone else's guilt.