The actor is cycling 1400 km from Mumbai after getting the news that his mother is ill


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown is going on across the country. Many are stuck in exile. Everyone is scrambling for home. One of them is Sanjay Ramphal. Actor Sanjay went to Mumbai to audition for a film.

He was stuck there due to the lockdown. In Mumbai, he received news on the phone that his mother was seriously ill. Couldn't stay anxious. My heart was pounding for my mother. So buy old bicycles online without wasting time. Then he left for home on April 11 on that bicycle.

Sanjay said the journey was not easy in the lockdown. He used to travel 80 to 90 kilometers every day. In addition to physical labor, there are many other difficulties to be faced from checking the nose of the police. However, his mother's pull did not discourage Sanjay. Ignoring all obstacles, he covered 1400 km in 18 days.

However, after returning home, he went to Dadri Health Center near his house following the rules. Sanjay is under 14-day home quarantine following the doctors' advice.