The actor thanked Kurnish for making a portrait of Sonu in the sand in a fancy way


Actor Sonu Sood has become an entrepreneur to bring migrant workers back to their homeland. He has arranged for the migrant workers to hire buses at their own expense and take them home. It is learned that he did all this with the permission of the government. Everyone knows that.
It is learned that the actor has arranged for the return of several migrant workers to his home state by renting 10 buses in the midst of the lockdown. The migrant workers will go to Karnataka from Mumbai. The actor has shouldered all the responsibilities of the migrant workers.
Sonu has become a hero to the people of the whole country. Everyone is trying to respect him in their own way. This time the sand artist Ashok made a portrait of Sonu in the sand and paid homage to him. According to Ashok, whatever we do will be less due to gold interest. We are all indebted to him for what he has done for the people. But we can only respect him.

Sonu thanked Ashok by posting a picture of his work on his Twitter handle. Not only that, a young Kurnish also told the actor through poetry. He said that even though Sonu played the villain in the film, he acted like a hero in real life.

Recently, it was learned that a migrant worker woman named her newborn child Sonur. He is said to have done so as a token of gratitude to the actor.
In a recent interview, Sonu said he had sent a team of migrant workers from Mumbai on May 12. There were two pregnant women. When they reached home, one of them had a son. The family called Sonu and told them that they had named their son Sonu Sood Srivastava. Hearing this, the actor became emotional.
Sonu was recently invited by Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiari. Migratory Workers The governor also thanked him for what he was doing for the workers. Sonu further said that every day about 56 thousand messages come to him from all over the country. In the words of the actor, it is a challenge, but there is also joy in helping people.
However, Sonu is not able to rest at all. He said that one day he had to stay up till 4 am. Sometimes he is busy on the phone till 8 in the morning.