The actress is sipping on the bathtub in just two slices of pizza.


BanglaHunt Desk: Only two slices of pizza kept uncovered, sitting in the bathtub, Padma Lakshmi is captured on camera. The full name is Padma Parvati Lakshmi Vaidyanathan. But people know her more by the name of Padma Lakshmi. This Indo-American supermodel is simultaneously a writer, actress and television show host.

Despite being very busy in her career, Lakshmi is very active on social media. Evidence of this can be found by peeking at his Instagram. He has his own photoshoot, as well as cooking videos, naughtiness with the child, beauty, yoga, all kinds of videos he shared with the fans. The number of his followers on Instagram has also crossed 6 lakh.

Padma Lakshmi was never seen covering her body. Being a super model, she knows very well how to love her body. The actress has repeatedly given this advice to others as well.

Naked photoshoot from bikini is almost as comfortable as Lakshmi. Again, being Indian by birth, there is that tension. He also took pictures after wearing sari. He also shared that picture on Instagram.

But this time an old picture has gone viral again on social media. The picture shows Padma Lakshmi sitting in the bathtub completely naked. Cover the top with two pizza slices. Ever picking up a slice and biting, sipping on a glass of red wine.

This picture is quite old. But this lockdown has gone viral again. The number of likes on the film has reached 41,000.