The AFC blamed the Indian footballers for their brave fight against Corona


Lockdown is currently underway in India as well as around the world due to the corona virus. And in this lockdown, the Indian National Football Team's soccer players stand side by side with the poor people in the country. The Asian Football Confederation is pleased to see the activities of Indian footballers. And that is why they have published a newsletter and praised the Indian footballers very much. It was written in the newsletter that at the moment there is a sad time all over the country, in which situation Indian footballers are doing a great job standing beside the poor, poor people of the country.

A press conference was called on behalf of the Asia Football Confederation. The meeting reported that the J League, Guam, India and the Uhan Football Federation stood by the people of the country during the tribulation, they have provided financial support in various ways. The training centers also provided medical staff accommodations. Apart from this, the football federations have also raised awareness among the general public about Corona.

Already, the Indian Football Federation has donated Tk 25 lakh to Prime Minister Corona's Relief Fund, and Indian footballers are also personally financing their own state and central government. The president of the Indian Football Federation, Praful Patel, said, “So far, we have just brought it out of the country. This time, it is our turn to return the country.” That is why the Indian Football Federation and the footballers themselves are standing by the country and the people of the country.

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