The AIIMS chief shared important information about Corona's new strain, find out what he said


The corona virus has once again shaken the world. Corona's new strain has adapted to the whole of Britain, including London, in a new form. Already a new lockdown has begun across Britain.

However, Randeep Guleria, director of AIIMS and a member of the Covid Task Force, hopes for a new strain on the corona. According to him, there is no reason to panic about the new strain of corona virus. The corona virus is changing twice a month. However, there is very little change in his symptoms. At the same time, the medical system is not changing. In addition, the vaccines in the trial will be effective in the case of adaptive viruses.

However, the Center has issued guidelines at all airports to prevent adaptive corona infections. In addition to each of the entrances to the airport, those who have come to this country from 25th November to 23rd December must also obey.

1. Details of the last 14 days have to be submitted at all international airports
2. Self declaration for RT-PCR test is required at the time of entry into the airport.
3. RT-PCR is mandatory for those who come to the country from or from the UK between 21 and 23 December
4. If a corona infection is detected, a gene-dependent RT-PCR test should be performed and a hospital visit should be made.
5. If a corona infection is caught, it must be hospitalized or isolated according to the current rules.
. If adaptive corona virus is detected, it must be in special isolation.
. Even if corona infection is not found in RT-PCR, it should be kept in home isolation
. All states must abide by this rule.