The American people are united against China, a war of compromise with China will begin after Corona is saved.

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona (COVID-19) situation in which the entire world is shocked. The world's superpower America, too, is currently weakened by the disease. So far in the United States, the number of Corona virus infected is close to two and a half million. And the death toll has crossed 3,000. In this situation, the amount of deaths China has received as a result of the Corona virus claiming to be a secret source of America is far less. China is not giving the world accurate information on this. The United States claims that more people have died there than China has provided.

In addition to the incident, the CIA claims that the Chinese government itself does not know the exact cause of the Corona virus. In the fear of the Communist Party of Wuhan province, they are not bringing the correct information to everyone. Trump has long questioned the issue. And now Trump says the US should teach China, China, if the situation continues.

Recently, the Trump government issued a warning message to the United States about Corona. He said the Corona virus could kill 2 to 2.5 million people in the United States. And the next two weeks can be very frightening for everyone. The Trump government demanded that China not have time to inform the world about the Corona virus, but the situation is now in the United States.

Millions of Americans now have to liberate their country from Corona. And as the Corona situation approaches, they will stand up to China. US lawmakers have already raised questions about China and WHO's contacts. WHO is harming the world with American money in conjunction with China. Now this company needs to be monitored.

Also, a law firm in one of the districts in the United States sued China for $ 25 trillion in damages for spreading the Corona virus to America. As a result, the Americans will collectively stand against China.

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