The app is going viral by stealing pictures of girls from social media and making nude photos

The news that nude pictures have gone viral on social media is often found. Many people share their personal photos on social media by making mistakes, just like revenge is taken by leaking personal moments of many people through social media. But this time a group of people are making fake nude pictures and making them viral on social media. In this case, especially young girls and adolescent girls are being targeted.

We all share pictures of ourselves more or less through social media. But recently, there is an app that can be used to steal a girl's social media picture and turn it into a nude picture. And a group of perverted brain people are doing this with the help of this app and making that nude picture viral through social media.

It is learned that the pictures are being converted into nude pictures through artificial intelligence. A special technology called Deep Fake is being used in this case. Although the real reason for inventing the technology was different. But the real motive behind the discovery of this technology was different.

The deep nudes app is creating nude pictures of thousands of girls through this technology. And those pictures are being made viral on platforms like Telegram. It is known that most of the girls are under 18 years of age. Unbeknownst to them, by stealing pictures from social media and making nude pictures, it is going viral on social media.