The app will tell you how much your corona is likely to get infected


BanglaHunt Desk: According to World Health Organization statistics, more than five million coronary virus infections have now been recorded in 12 countries, killing 22,220 people. The number of victims in India is close to 900.

As of 9am on March 26, a total of 104,866 tests were conducted, of which 93,208 were negative. 11,658 positive. Five people have died in hospital in the UK since 5pm on 25 March.

In this case, tell you how likely you are to get coronary injury
Forthman Concept, an English company, brings an app. By which you can know, how likely you are to get coronary attacks! Quid – 1 self-test. That means, you can do your own tests now.

When you open the app, some simple questions about Corona will come to you. After taking all the steps, the app will tell you how likely you are to get coronary!

Earlier, India's telecom company Geo introduced a Corona tool on their MyGio app. Experts believe that this new app will play a key role in preventing Corona

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