The argument of nepotism did not work, tell Kangana to return Padma Shri; Cannon Aditya Pancholi


Bangla Hunt Desk: Aditya Pancholi has spoken out against Kangana Ranaut. Kangana claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput had died of nepotism and would return the Padmashree if any of her allegations were proved wrong. This time Aditya Pancholi raised the issue of his words and demanded to take back the Padma Shri of Kangana.

In a recent interview with an all-India news outlet, Aditya Pancholi opened up about Suraj Pancholi's role in the Sushant case. He made it clear that all this happened because of one person. Believing a fool's words, all the news media started fighting over this news.

He added that they had to face many problems because of this. Suraj has even blocked the comment section of trolls on social media. Earlier, Aditya Pancholi and his wife Zarina Wahab Saf had said that Suraj had nothing to do with the death of Disha Salian or Sushant Karo.

Aditya Pancholi also fired at Kangana in an interview. According to him, Kangana has been claiming from the very beginning that nepotism has been added to the case. He said he would return the Padma Shri if any of his allegations were false.

Now it is clear that nepotism is not involved in Sushant's case. The actor's father has also filed a complaint under section 307 against Riaz. Aditya Pancholi commented that Kangana's Padma Shri should be returned now.

Earlier, Kangana had said, “If I say something that I cannot prove or cause any problem to the common man, I will return the Padma Shri award.” I am not saying that anyone wanted Sushant to die. Some people want him to be completely ruined. ”