The army had a major victory against militants in Shopian district of south Kashmir


Bengali Hunt Desk: The army launched an operation in Shopian district of south Kashmir on Friday evening and killed two militants. Two soldiers were injured in the operation. It is learned that the army operation is still going on. Mobile internet service has been shut down in the entire district as a precaution.

The army cordoned off the entire area after receiving news that militants were hiding in Imam Sahib Cunningham village on Friday. Seeing themselves surrounded, the hiding militants started firing at the army. The army then retaliated against the militants.

After firing for a while, the firing on the other side stopped. The army then sealed all the entrances. Flood lights were installed so that the militants could not escape. At night the militants tried to flee. Then the firing started again. Then one militant was killed in the army firing.

Sources said the dead militant was a member of al-Badr. Then on Saturday morning the firing started again. In this firing, the army killed another militant. The dead militants have not yet been identified.