The arrow has pierced the head, how can the deer still survive! Netdunia is shocked to see the viral picture


viral photo: Occasionally a photo goes viral on social media, from which you can't take your eyes off it. Recently, such a picture of a deer is going viral all over the net.

In this picture, an arrow is seen entering from the right side of the deer's head and exiting from the other side. This grim picture clearly shows how ruthlessly a person has hit this helpless creature. The arrow shot by the hunters pierced the head, but the deer survived. There is a saying, ‘Who keeps Hari Murray? ‘

Photographer Lee-Ann Carver photographed the deer with his camera. According to Lee, the deer's name is Carrot and the two have been friends for the past three years. The deer was able to move smoothly even though the arrow was stuck in its head. This image of a deer is going viral on social media.

Lee wrote in a Facebook post, ‘Carrot came to me today. He had an arrow in his head, which upset me. Nevertheless, Carat's behavior was as normal as ever, as if nothing had happened. He licked my hand as before and there is no sign of pain at this time. 'Not even blood was coming out of the deer's head. Li-Ann further writes that the skull of a deer protected him.

The post went viral as soon as Lee-Ann posted it on Facebook. Netizens have made various comments. Some netizens have commented that the deer should be shown to a doctor and treated. Some people have described this incident as going beyond the bounds of cruelty.

After Li-Ann's post went viral, government officials arrived at her home. Carat was present at Annie's house at the time. Officers carefully cut the arrow out of the body. Officials say the rest of the arrow will come out of the body automatically as the deer's body heals on its own.