The average black teenager got a degree in aerospace engineering when he was just 12 years old.

viral: Aerospace Engineering This study of space is quite difficult. Only 18 to 25 year olds get this opportunity. But at just 12 years old, a boy named Anderson has achieved the rare feat of studying aerospace engineering. He also holds the record as the world's youngest aerospace engineering student at the University of Georgia.

In America, blacks are oppressed forever. A few days ago, such a persecution was responded to all over the world. But no matter how much the whites look down on these primitive inhabitants. This student proved once again that they are no less talented.

It is known that Anderson was very talented from a very young age. He learned sign language at the age of only 9 months. At the age of two, the number of fractions surprised everyone. Due to this rare talent, Anderson was admitted to the first grade class at a very young age. Although this rare talent has been repeatedly ignored by other classmates for being younger in age.

Georgia University authorities are also happy to admit students like Anderson to their campuses. Anderson's parents are also full of praise for their son.

On the other hand, Netpara is reporting this rare achievement. She has gone viral on social media.