The baby monkey does not want to leave the dead mother's lap, watching the viral video with tears in his eyes

viral video: In the current era of social media, thousands of videos go viral every day. In the viral videos, people as well as non-human animals have won the hearts of netparas. And at the top of this list are elephants and monkeys.

Impossible resemblance of monkeys to humans. It is said that man originated from the apes. Recently, a video of this monkey mother and baby went viral in Netpara, which netizens could not hold back their tears.

The video, which went viral, shows a dead monkey. His mortal body is reclining in a plastic chair. Sindur has been taught on her forehead like a Hindu sadhva romni. Garland around the neck. There is a baby monkey in his lap.

The young man in the video repeatedly wants to bring the baby monkey away from his mother. But the child does not want to leave the mother at all. He wants to forcefully grab his birth mother.

The VDT has gone viral since it was posted on social media. More than 6 million netizens have watched this video. Shares have been more than 45 thousand times. Netizens have expressed their emotions in 15,000 comments. Watch that heartbreaking video